Headings and Fonts

So I begin this page with "Headings and Fonts". But if I simply put <H1>Headings and Fonts</H1> It would have placed it to the left of the screen... like this:

Headings and Fonts

Not at all what I had in mind. But Web Browsers, by default, begin text to the left side of the screen. So I needed to add another tag.... <CENTER> .

By writing it like so: <CENTER><H1> It's In The Center </H1></CENTER>
It placed the heading into the center of the screen, like so:

It's In The Center

As you can see... HTML has some very basic comands. As simple as the english language itself.
So, can you guess what tag you would use to change the type of font you are using?

YUP! You guessed it! <FONT> ! Of course, you have to give it a little more information than that... like what type of font you want. That's not so difficult:

<FONT FACE="ARIAL">This is Arial Font</FONT>

This would result in the following: This is Arial Font

Well, that's a neat trick if I want to do the rest of the page in arial font,

or in Courier ,
or in Times New Roman !

But what happens if we want to do something more? Like change the color or other attributes of the font?
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