Adding Pictures

We're almost there! You can create Webpages with titles, text, and links, but you still don't know how to add that "pizaz" to your page than makes web pages sparkle. How do we add IMAGES?

The TAG for adding images is : <IMG SRC="">

IMG = Image (self explanitory) and the SRC attribute identifies the source or location of a URL ( address ) for retrieving the image. In simple terms, the < IMG SRC > command pair tells the computer where to find the SOURCE of the IMAGE.

So the TAG <IMG SRC=""> would bring up this picture:

Positioning of the picture is accomplished with the ALIGN attribute. It is used as follows:

The V in VALIGN means Vertical (top, or bottom). The ALIGN can be either left, center, or right.

So the command <IMG SRC="http=://" ALIGN="RIGHT" VALIGN="TOP"> would show this on the screen:

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