The MEAT of the Subject

Now we begin the very heart of the topic. The actual writing of HTML .

Whenever we write a document, whether it be a letter home to mom, or a final college thesis, all documents

have 4 main parts:
    • The HEADER
    • The TITLE
    • The BODY
    • The FOOTER
HTML CODE  	looks like this HTML web  	page looks like this In HTML the same holds true.

The HEADER in a document includes addressing information (Who the document is meant for). In a letter home, this would be the "Dear Mom," part. Because of the scope of the internet, it includes such information as whether the document is PUBLIC or PRIVATE . It also includes trafficing information, such as "META" TAGS (We'll discuss these later).

The Next Part is usually the TITLE , which describes the content of the document. As in many documents, the TITLE is included as part of the HEADER in HTML

The BODY is the part of the document which is seen by the world. It contains all of the written text, graphs, charts, illustrations, animated pictures, sound, columns and tables that you want people to view. It should be laid out well, and highly visible (although not overbearing).

The FOOTER of a document is usually considered the signature. "Lovingly yours, Billy." This is not a necessary part of a web page, however, should you choose to put one, a footer doesn't need a tag. It is included within the BODY . Most people typically "sign" their webpages by leaving their email address, or somewhere that you can contact them. Sometimes this footer includes copyright material or "visitor counters".

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