Font Colors and Sizes

Remember this word?


Wonder how I accomplished this? It was realy simple!

<FONT COLOR="ORANGE"> ORANGE </FONT> would yield the following:


Other colors that can be used with the font command are
RED BLUE YELLOW PINK MAGENTA WHITE GRAY CYAN BLACK GREEN and other special colors which will be covered later in the course.

Are there any other changes I can make to the letters?


You will come up with this: SMALL LETTERS (NOT!)

Font sizes can be anywhere from 0 (smallest) to +10 (largest). This is sort of backwards from the headers, where the smaller the number, the larger the header. But you can also get larger letters by using the font commands than you can by using the header commands!

There are also a few "SPECIAL" commands for controlling the look of a font. They include:

<I> Italics </I>

<B> BOLD </B>

<U> Underline </U> and the all powerful


* NOTE: The BLINK command only works with Intelligent, Advanced browsers. Beginner or practice browsers like Internet Exploder haven't got with the program yet. Someday Microsoft will get the memo that the internet is larger than they are, and instead of trying to make the internet fit into their box, they need to fit their programs to work within the Internet's much bigger box.

Other commands of interest:

<BR> = BREAK - this puts a blank line between lines of text.

<P> </P> = Paragraph - this puts a 2 blank lines between lines of text, and sets paragraphs apart
from each other.

Note that these 6 tags are NOT related to the FONT command.
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