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So far, we have learned how an HTML page is laid out, what a title is, and that the majority of the work is performed within the BODY of the document. We also have learned how to do basic headings, text, and even to add fonts, sizes and colors. All pretty cool, but you could have done most of that with a word processor. So what's the big deal about HTML? Remember we discussed Hyperlinks ?

The difference between plain old ASCII text, and HTML, is that HTML has the ability to allow you to "chain" web pages together by using LINKs . Simply by clicking on a LINK , you can be sent to other places on the internet.

You probably got to my page by clicking on a link to begin with. Normally, a link is designated by having a line underneath of it, or by being a different color from the rest of the text. You may also notice that if you simply point your curser at a link, it will change, or depending on your browser, the address of the link may appear somewhere on the screen.

The question is, how can YOU create a link on a Web page? The answer is: create an ANCHOR

We do this using the following TAG:
<A HREF=""> "</A>

Which results in the following:

Let me describe this command a little bit. A establishes the fact that we are creating an anchor.... a place to go out on the web. HREF tells the browser that it is referencing a standard Hypertext URL
(Internet address). This address can be an HTTP, FTP, or MAILTO address. It could just as easily be a PDF file, Excel, MSWord, or other such document located on the web.

In the example given, we went to ""

Just the same, we could have gone to the address ""

Try this - click on the following link: Click Here to Email Bill Gates

By clicking on that link, it should have brought up your email program.... with my email address in the "SEND TO:" column. This was accomplished by the following tag:
<A HREF=""> Click Here to Email Bill Gates </A>

Simple enough? Now for some pictures!
On The Following Indicator...
( GREEN will indicate your current location)
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