Principles of Electricity


Now We're Connecting!

Cup Connectors are an interesting breed of connector. The premise is that you have a copper "cup" which you 'fill' with solder. Note the photo on the left which shows a properly "filled" cup. Do not over-fill the cup to the point where is is overflowing with solder!

Next you tin the wire so that all the individual strands of wire are coated, but not globbed on where you can't see the outline of the individual wires.

Once the wire is tinned, solder the pre-tinned wire to the pre-filled cup and you are done! (I know the picture on the right is small. click on it if you need a better look.)

Dead Bug, otherwise known as "ugly construction", is an interesting if not functional method of getting things done. It begins with a central component - usually an integrated circuit (although in this picture it is a full wave bridge recitifier), which is glued, bolted, or otherwise fastened to the chassis of your project box. Then other components are soldered to this central component, using that component as the mechanical foundation for the project.

* Wire-Wire * Wire Wrap * Ground * Solder Trails * Circuit Board - On & Through * Flat Pack / Postage Stamp

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