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Read what the readers have to say!:

This site is just awesome. I thought that from a very young age, I would be forever electronics retarded. But not only the work on the website must you be commended, but the fact that you are a natural teacher. If it wasn't for your excellent communication skills in how you exemplify things to how you've outlined the information...I would have absolutely NO hope in ever understanding electronics. Thank you very much for all your effort. I now understand and enjoy electronics. Sincerely, George

I'm learning more about electronics from your online course than I have in all my years of self study. Your course brings everything together in one quick and understandable flow of knowledge. I'm anxious to continue learning about vacuum tubes.... Thanks, David

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Hi, Was browsing the web while on vacation and stumbled across your site. Looks like it will save me a lot of graphics work. I just prepareing to do something similar to help get those junior engineers trained. Now I will just have them browse your course. I have been in broadcasting since 78 and I'm sure you know the drill. One or two "real engineers" and the rest are fresh out of technical school and can't even spell klystron. I just wanted to let you know that I liked what I saw. Good Work. Larry .... Assistant Chief Engineer ((TV Station Call Sign Listed Here))

Dear Mr Dall, I am a vocational instructor for ... .... I use your wrtten information to teach students about electricity and electronic applications. In the spirit of the law, I would like your approval for continue use of your text for my students. Thank You Abel

I was so happy to find your web site. It is really helping me. My boss recently bought another small company which manufacturers Transformers. I am the Marketing Mananger. Two years ago he bought a Nucear Engineering Firm which designs custom shielding for Radioactive Waste. I just got that down, and whammo... he buys another company. Now I am scambling to learn about Transformers. I am sure this site has taken you a very long time, and I really appreciate someone of your dedication. Thanks -Lynn

Just writing a small note to say thanks for your Fundamentals of Electricity web site. I am a mechanical engineer doing an electrical / mechatronics course and was finding it hard to make the crossover from mech. to electrical. The electrical circuits with mechanical equivalents really help to simplify it for me. Once again Many thanks Robert

Wow! I really like your online electronics tutorial... I just spent about 4 hrs refreshing myself with your site. Congratulations on a grea site... and see you around. BJ Computer Tech and old Video Game repairman :)

I teach at ......Technical College. I am constantly looking for help for my basic electricity classes. Yours is very good. It would be wrong to direct a student to it and not commend you, Thanks, Bob

As a relative newcomer to the industry, I have suddenly found myself in the position of assistant chief engineer. Our transmitter is a Varian. Anyway, I have looked up and down for info such as you provide so that I don't appear too stupid to the bosses. Was sure glad to come across your page. Thank you. Best regards, Fred

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