Preface: Welcome to the Electronics Theory course. This course, in its entirety, was written by Ray Dall. It has taken several years, and is truly a monumental work. What started out as a series of emails - wound up being a complete online course, and a college textbook.

There are several high schools, colleges and technical schools officially using all or portions of this course. If you want to use this course for a school of some kind, please send an email to the editor and ask permission.

Comments are also invited. We also would like as many of you as are taking this course to write in, and send in schematics and pictures of projects you may be working on. We would be more than happy to feature your project and give you all the credit.

I would like to take this moment to say that while electronics is a math intensive science - it needn't be as math intensive as most scholars try to make it. (For those already in the know -I'm not saying that there isn't an order of magnitude between 3dB and 10dB, or between a MHz and a GHz) What I am saying is that we were able to put men on the moon with all the accuracy of a slide-rule, which by the way is only accurate to 1, possibly 2 decimal points. First rough estimation to 2 decimal points (assuming it is correct) is usually all you need to make a circuit function adequately well. In short - while SOME math is necessary - I'll do my best to keep it to a minimum.

Also, this course is provided as a FREE resource. It may be free to you, but it does cost us to update the site and pay for its presence on the web. Due to new Google/Adsense policies, our revenue is down by more than 50%, and not quite enough to actually pay the monthly and annual fees to keep the site afloat. If you appreciate the course, please click on one of our sponsors once in a while, to help us stay online. It helps them know that people are actually seeing their ads, and besides, you may just find that do-dad you've been looking for! Otherwise, if you are able, feel free to make a donation. Every penny helps in these tight times. Thank you, and Enjoy the Course!

Now, on with the course.

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